London report 2024 – 1

Day 1: Commencing our London Adventure

The journey started at the crack of dawn, 5 am precisely, as our group embarked on an exciting journey to the captivating city of London. Our mode of transportation involved a scenic route via bus and ferry across the English Channel from Calais. While the journey was smooth for the most part, a few students experienced mild discomfort due to seasickness. Nevertheless, the anticipation of our destination London sparked excitement and curiosity.

In the afternoon, we arrived in London. Our first stop was the Maritime Museum in Greenwich, where we had a first glimpse at the maritime history of the nation. Among the notable exhibits were Sir Francis Drake’s regal coconut and Admiral Nelson’s trousers during the infamous Battle of Trafalgar. In the evening, we were warmly welcomed by our host families, with whom we shared dinner.

Day 2: A Day of Landmarks and Exploration

Our second day in London started off with a comprehensive walking tour, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the city’s iconic landmarks and historic sites. We made stops at Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, and the Horse Guards, all the while we marveled at the historic architecture and significance of each location. The highlight of the morning was undoubtedly witnessing the world-renowned Changing of the Guards ceremony.

Continuing our exploration, we took a walk in the picturesque St James‘ Park before taking the tube to the famous Camden Lock Market. Here we indulged in a leisurely lunch and spent the afternoon relaxedly.

Day 3: Culture and History

Our third day commenced with an unrushed walk in Hyde Park, followed by a stop at the Royal Albert Hall and Memorial and an enlightening visit to the captivating Natural History Museum. We marveled at the archaeopteryx fossil which changed the world at the time, saw an early edition of Darwin’s impactful „On the Origin of Species,“ and gazed in wonder at mammoth, dinosaur and blue whale skeletons.

Next, we took the underground to the esteemed British Museum, where we came face to face with the Rosetta Stone, which at the time helped deciphering the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and were thrilled by the treasures of the Egyptian exhibition. We then continued with explorations of Leicester Square, Little Italy, and the vibrant tapestry of Chinatown, each offering a glimpse into London’s multiculturality.

As the day ended, we embarked on the Silver Jubilee Walk, tracing the historic landmarks from Embankment to the Tower of London.

Day 4: Brighton

Our fourth day offered a change of scenery as we embarked on our excursion to the charming coastal town of Brighton. From the steep cliffs to the busy lanes their colorful boutiques and cafes, Brighton cast its spell over us with its coastal allure and vibrant ambiance. Students had the opportunity to explore the town according to their own liking, soaking in Brighton’s charm while dining at the scenic seaside.

Day 5: Bidding Adieu to London

As our journey neared its end, our final day in London gave students the opportunity to explore the city of London in small groups. Some chose to visit cultural landmarks such as the Tate Modern, others embarked on a shopping spree on Oxford Street. Meanwhile, a small group of teachers made their way to Brick Lane, had wonderful street food and might have spoken to Banksy himself – who knows? In the evening, we bid a fond farewell to London as we started our journey back to Dillingen via bus and ferry, filled with new memories and cultural knowledge.

In retrospect, our class trip to London was an enriching and unforgettable experience, fostering cultural awareness, camaraderie, and a deeper appreciation for the rich history and heritage that defines this iconic city.