London report 2024-2

Starting off our journey

At the break of dawn, at 5 am, our group set off on our journey to the mesmerizing city of London. Our travel route included a coach and ferry ride across the English Channel from Calais to Dover. Despite having long waiting hours in Calais, the anticipation of arriving in London kept our spirits high.

By afternoon, we reached London and made our first short stop at Greenwich Park, a central place in our textbooks. In the evening, we were warmly welcomed by our host families and shared dinner with them.

Monday: sightseeing

Our second day in London began with an extensive walking tour, immersing us in the city’s iconic landmarks and historic sites. We visited Whitehall, Buckingham Palace, and the Horse Guards, marveling at the architecture and significance of each location. Sadly, we were not able to watch “Changing of the Guards” ceremony as it was postponed to Tuesday.

Afterward, we enjoyed a leisurely walk through St James’ Park before taking the tube to the famous Camden Lock Market. Here, we had a relaxed lunch and spent the afternoon exploring the vibrant market. After that we set off to Covent Garden.

Tuesday: National History Museum and Southwark

On our third day, we started with a leisurely walk in Hyde Park, followed by stops at the Royal Albert Hall and Memorial. We then visited the fascinating Natural History Museum, where we marveled at the archaeopteryx fossil, dinosaurs, a giant whale skeleton etc.

As the day ended, we embarked on the Silver Jubilee Walk, tracing historic landmarks from the Tower of London to St. Paul’s Cathedral.